The Opening of Scottish Wood

'Scottish Wood' at Altcar Range

 Scottish Wood - A Historical Note

Scottish Wood, a planation at Altcar Range, remembers the WW1 battlefield feature given that name by the Liverpool Scottish in 1915. The original wood It lies 4 km south west of the town of Ieper (Ypres). It was used as a rest area between Dickebusch and the front line area at Vormezeele. Diaries record that the battalion adopted a 'proprietorial air' to the Wood though it was not the most tranquil of places. The small plantation at Altcar has been funded by individuals in the memory of various members of the Liverpool Scottish who have served through the past century. It is not a memorial for those who have died in battle. We have decided therefore that the playing of a lament would be inappropriate. There will be a book with details of those remembered held by the Museum; it is hoped that a copy will be placed in the small display held at the Altcar Range Office.

The Opening and Family Day - Sunday 13th July 2003

Visit of Brigadier The Hon.HBHE Monro CBE, Colonel of The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons)

Historical detail - Scottish Wood The Colonel of The Highlanders, Brigadier The Honourable H B H E Monro C E visited the Liverpool Scottish family on Sunday, 13th July 2003, and led the short opening ceremony of blessing and dedication to 'Scottish Wood' at Altcar Range at 3 pm. All friends and members of the Liverpool Scottish and their families were welcome and the event was followed by a barbecue.

The programme:

* 1200 Colonel of Highlanders makes a visit to the Regimental Museum and Headquarters and to the Liverpool Scottish ACF at Botanic Road. Present: Members of the ACF and Museum Trustees. As a result of limitations of space, others are asked not to come to the museum at this time ... but.... if anyone is making a long journey to Liverpool and wishes to visit the Museum, they should contact the Honorary Secretary who will be happy to make arrangements for a visit before 12 Noon on the Sunday or possibly during the Saturday afternoon of 12th July. Regrettably, the Museum can only offer lunch to the Museum Trustees and the visiting party.

* 14:20 Chairman of Regimental Associations/Organisations and others notified by Colonel Harris assemble at the Red Rose, Altcar. They may use the Red Rose Car Park

* 14:30 Suggested latest time for parking at Rail Head Car Park (15 minute walk to Scottish Wood), Those requiring to drive to the unveiling should drive to the C Range Car Park just before the Ammunition Compound.

* 14:45 Liverpool Scottish family are asked to assemble by Scottish Wood beyond the Ammunition Compound on the road to Battery Cottage). NB 15 minutes walk time to Scottish Wood at a comfortable pace.

* 15:00 Ceremony starts:

* 15:30 Conclusion of Ceremony

* 15:30 Barbecue in the vicinity of Scottish Wood (fine weather). Cost of barbecue to be met from Regimental Funds. Catering is by the King's and Cheshire Regiment (Wet weather - barbecue to operate at Red Rose by Main Car Park)

* 15:30 - 7:30 Clay Pigeon Range will operate free of charge courtesy of Altcar Clay Pigeon Shooting Club

* 17:30 Function ends


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