The Regimental Museum Trust is responsible for the Regimental Museum, established in 1979 to protect the collection of artifacts acquired since the foundation of the 8th (Scottish) Volunteer Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) in 1900. This and its successor units are generally known as The Liverpool Scottish

Associated with the Army Museum Ogilby Trust and the Association of Independent Museums

Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust (Reg Charity 277953)
Maintained Entirely by Voluntary and Regimental Donations

World War 1 Centenary

We have now reached the 1918 centenary. 1917 was a significant year for the Liverpool Scottish and another round of commemorations are planned, mainly by other organisations. A new page has been added to provide information for those interested. HERE

New Website

As you might notice we have changed our web site. All of your normal pages are here but might have moved!

The old site was a confused collection of different phases which had grown up over the years and were in need of some major editing. There was for example 4 locations which described the trenches of the early First World War! The new site has split into two main sections The Regimental History, which charts the history of the unit as a military organization and the Regimental Family, which records the non-military activities of the various associations associated with the battalion.

We are also planning to add or expand the more recent experience of V company a Territorial unit. The first fruits of which is a list of CO and CSMs.

Another (controversial) change is removing the Regimental March from the Home Page. We are trying to attract a wider range of visitors and researchers, the march blasting out in an office or library is simply not appropriate.  You can still find it on the Pipe Tunes Page, but if you really must (Ian) here is a button.

The Archive

The Archive now resides in offices on Eberle Street, Liverpool L2 were visits there are strictly by appointment only, generally on Wednesdays. This should be arranged through the Honorary Secretary or the Honorary Curator whose telephone and postal details are on the contacts page. We are still in the process of moving the stored artifacts to a new location as well as organizing their reassignment to other collections. Our digitization programme has continued and we now have over 50,000 readable images from our archive collection.

The Museum Trust's artifacts are in secure storage and we are in the process of transferring the core of the collection to the Museum of Liverpool where it will be held as the Liverpool Scottish collection. This is a long and complex process. In common with all museums, the Museum of Liverpool will not be able to exhibit all these items but elements are to be seen; in the displays in the new Museum of Liverpool Building on the Pier Head. This is the largest museum to open in the country for nearly 100 years. Other elements of the collection may be transferred to other museums with Lancashire or Cameron Highlanders affinities; negotiations are in progress. A small display has been mounted at a Territorial Army location in Liverpool and it may be possible for accompanied access to be arranged: this depends on the availability of volunteers. More background to the decision not to re-display the collection will be included in the next newsletter.

It is planned that images and descriptions of many of our artifacts in the collection that were previously on display will be available in the future. We are aware that the website needs extensive amendment to represent our new status but again this will be a gradual process for a limited group of volunteers.

The Cost Of Research

All members of the museum trust are unpaid, providing their efforts voluntarily. The trust does still face significant running costs including the costs due to compulsory relocation. With queries often taking four of five hours to research many military museums make a £25 charge or between £10 and £20 an hour. Currently our service remains generally free of charge. If you feel the response to your enquiry was of value and wish to make a contribution, donations to the trust are, especially now, most welcome.

Similarly the provision of the content of this site incurs costs, though these are limited due to the generous donation of webspace by our hosting provider TSOHost.

Donations can be made to the Secretary, cheques should be made payable to the Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust. His address can be found on the Contact Us page