Initial Research Query Charge


One of the main activities, certainly in time and effort, of the Museum Trust is to facilitate historical research into the Regiment. Often this involves researching individual records for people researching their family histories, as well as enabling more general historic research such as uniforms and the battles the unit fought in. Queries typically take three or four hours (sometimes longer) to process. We are completely unfunded and rely entirely on research donations and, although volunteers, and we have real costs to meet in maintaining and housing the archive. The cost of this effort is proving difficult to maintain.

Previously we have accepted and researched all queries and then relied on voluntary donations. Unfortunately, an increasing proportion of queries we have done research for have not even received an acknowledgement or thanks. Currently many other regimental museums make a minimum charge of £20 or more with additional charges of £15/£20 an hour for more complex queries. We have therefore reluctantly decided to request an initial donation of £5 to begin processing a query regarding historic members of the Liverpool Scottish (and other veterans) or other queries regarding regimental history and uniform.

This donation may be paid by using the secure PayPal ‘Donate’ button on the home page or below. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to do this PayPal accept Credit or Debit card donations. If you wish to pay by cheque, please email us. Please be aware that this is an initial donation rather than a ‘final’ donation. We are usually able to provide a positive and often detailed response from our records, many of which are not in the public domain. We hope that those who feel that we have provided relevant or useful information, or simply wish to support of our work, would continue to consider a further donation once they have received a reply.

If your query is purely routine (available hours, location of our archive, items for sale etc) an initial donation is not required. Equally, we would not wish to discourage enquiries from those who might find initial payment or subsequent donation to be any sort of difficulty: please email us. Members of the Liverpool Scottish Regimental Association or students involved in academic research should explain their status in an email.



The Trust does not maintain any of your financial data, which is handled solely by PayPal. We do however maintain your email contact details and any other information you pass on to us to enable us to carry out the research you may have requested. The Trust does not sell or pass on that information unless necessary to further your research and then only after contacting you for permission. The trust endeavourers to provide the best security consummate to our resources and follow all the legal requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation.