Bibliography and Acknowledgments

Bibliograph (updated 4th October 2007) (Now out of print)

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The Liverpool Scottish 1900 - 1919,McGilchrist A.M., Henry Young and Sons Ltd., 1930 (OOP) - reprinted Naval and Military Press - available from the Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum (maps reduced in black and white)

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Historical Records of the Cameron Highlanders

Regimental Journals give details of activities year by year 

  • Liverpool Scottish Regimental Gazette (runs available in the Liverpool Scottish Museum)
  • 79th News (Cameron Highlanders)
  • The Queen's Own Highlander
  • The Highlander
  • The Kingsman

'R' (King's/Liverpool Scottish ) Battery RA 1967-68: Lt Col AJ Moore TD. Article in the Bulletin of the Military Historical Society, November 1997, Vol. 48 Issue No 190.


Dr Diana Henderson - Scotland at War Fact Files

Thanks are due to Mark Driscoll (ex St Aelred's and Trinity Hall, Cambridge), David Higgins (ex St Aelred's and Magdalen College, Oxford) and Matthew Cummins (ex St Aelred's, Newton-le-Willows) for technical assistance and labour.

Tartans Of Scotland - ipe Major Chris Eyre,

Liverpool Scottish Regimental Association Pipe Band - of Bagpipes (MIDI files): Best Of Bagpies (Please do not expect these files to sound like the massed Pipes and Drum at the Edinburgh Tattoo; they are a simple quickly downloadable resource giving a sketch of a huge range of pipe tunes).

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