Liverpool Scottish Units

Liverpool Scottish Units

Liverpool Scottish Units (including Cadet units)


The Liverpool Scottish Rifle Platoon has now been disbanded (wef 30th April 2014) and the name of the Liverpool Scottish has left the Army's order of battle. The soldiers re-affiliated entirely to the tradition of Duke of Lancaster's Regiment. The Forbes tartan is no longer worn within the British Army. 

It was planned that A (Ladysmith) Company should disband but it is understood that this may be subject to review (as at December 2014). 

A (Ladysmith) Company 
4th Battalion,The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border)
TA Centre 
Townsend Avenue 
Norris Green 

Drill night: Tuesdays


Merseyside Army Cadet Force


The Liverpool Scottish Detachment (Duke of Lancaster's Regiment),Merseyside Army Cadet Force. Now rebadged, retitled and reaffiliated entirely to the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.

Parade Night: Tuesdays and Fridays 1900-2100 hours