The Trenches

The Liverpool Scottish - Trench Life During the Great War

Work is still taking place on this virtual exhibition and it has been placed on the web so that we can get feedback from visitors. It is also hoped that school students (particularly in the UK at Key Stage 3) might be able to use this in its present form or in an edited version. Again, constructive comments would be particularly welcome. 


Join the men of the Liverpool Scottish as they make the adaption from their civilian world to the difficult and dangerous life of trench warfare in 1914 and progress through the war.

The 1/10th (Scottish) Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) was one of the first Territorial Force battalions of infantry to go into the trenches in France and Belgium in 1914 after the outbreak of the First World War. The usual name for the battalion was 'The Liverpool Scottish'. This section of the website of the Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust aims to show something of life in the trenches throughout the First World War using a variety of photographic and published sources including diaries from the Liverpool Scottish collection. Many of the pictures were posed but were actually taken in the front line or support trenches with the enemy perhaps only 50 metres away.

The pattern of trench life changed as the tactical situation changed on the Western Front going from improvised and hastily prepared trenches to complex systems with a continuous front line and then back to a more disjointed system in 1918.

 The Exhibition

 The matrix below connects to different aspects of the trenches and the experience of the men in them.

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Autumn 1914

Winter 1914/15

Early Spring 1915

The CO and the Grenade

The Trench System

Late Spring 1915

Captain Anderson's Trench

To the Lavatories

The Adjutant

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