WW2 Memorial

The Liverpool Scottish Second World War Memorial

The memorial is in the form of a rectangular bronze plaque with the inscription

In the memory of all ranks who served in The Liverpool Scottish and gave their lives for their country in the War 1939-1945

At the top of the plaque is the small cipher of The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders with the regimental title written on a 'belt and buckle' surrounding the crowned Cameron thistle, the whole being placed on a bright-cut saltire surmounted by an imperial crown. Immediately below this is a scroll with the inscription 'The Liverpool Scottish'.


This memorial was originally placed at the HQ of The Liverpool Scottish in Fraser Street in Liverpool and was moved with the Great War memorial in 1967 to Forbes House. It was mounted on green marble below the Great War tablet. The memorial was relocated in St. George's Hall in the centre of Liverpool  during 2010 and is situated in the original South Entrance Hall, now known as the 'Power and Glory Room'. St George's Hall is the most prestigious public building in Liverpool and is located immediately opposite Lime Street station. The Heritage Centre is normally open with free admission from 10am to 5pm on all days except Sunday and Monday and some Bank Holidays. Normally, leaflets outlining the 'Brief history of the Liverpool Scottish' are available (not to be confused with the 40-page publication, A Brief History of the Liverpool Scottish 1859-2006, by Dennis Reeves which is available from the Museum Trust Secretary). The Conservation Centre of National Museums Liverpool supervised the dismounting and movement of the memorial  from its location at Botanic Road (in the previous Liverpool Scottish Museum), its refurbishment and the subsequent remounting in St George's Hall.

A considerable amount of research has been conducted by the Regimental Museum to establish a list of Second World War casualties. As the two battalions both served in the United Kingdom during the War providing reinforcements for the Camerons and other highland battalions (amongst other units), casualties have been difficult to trace. A provisional list has already been published in 'The Highlander', the journal of The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons). The ornate version now appears on our website here. The intention is that a copy of this list will also be placed in the War Memorial at St George's Hall and will be made available at the Reception Desk at the Heritage Centre together with the facsimile of the First World War Roll of Honour. It is unlikely that this will be achieved before the end of 2011. Queries regarding casualties of the Second World War can be made via the Honorary Secretary of the Liverpool Scottish Museum Trust.



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