Cartoon 1937

The Liverpool Scottish as Part of The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.


Piping The HagisThis is a detail from a caricature sketch showing the personalities of the Officers' Mess of the Liverpool Scottish and was published in 'The Sketch' of 6th October 1937. Most officers shown are wearing 'patrols', consisting of a high-collared blue tunic (generally worn without the white collar insert that is found in the Army's No. 1 Dress), regimental buttons and with no regimental badges on the collar together Trews which would be of Forbes tartan. The two officers piping in the haggis appear to be in kilts worn with mess kit jackets. The officer carrying the haggis aloft is Captain and Adjutant R.D.M.C. Miers who was a regular officer of The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders serving with the Liverpool Scottish as a member of the permanent staff.

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Many of the officers shown had distinguished careers n the Second World War which started two years later. Part of the Museum's research has been to identify 1939-45 casualties of all ranks who served in the Liverpool Scottish and went on to serve with other units during the War. A provisional list has been published in The Highlander, the regimental magazine of the Queen's own Highlanders [now The Highlanders (4th Bn) Royal Regiment of Scotland]. An updated list is formed on this website "In Memorium" .

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